AI Standards watch: standards relevant to the proposed AI Act


In December 2023, the European Union reached an agreement on the European law on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI ​​Act. To facilitate the adoption of the legislation and compliance with it, the European Commission also published a standardization request which should guide the development of European standards in support of the AI ​​Act. The training will explore the AI ​​standardization landscape and its links with the proposed regulatory framework. Particular attention will be given to the work of the European standardization committee, CEN/CLC JTC 21 Artificial Intelligence, which will be responsible for the development of the European standards in support of the legislation. In addition, the training will cover certain international standards, which are considered important in this frame. Thus, participants will be able to learn more about relevant standardization activities and, if necessary, plan their involvement in standards’ development.

Targeted audience

IT or non-IT professionals with basic knowledge of AI.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • Understanding the current AI standardization landscape
  • Through the standardization request, identify the links between the requirements of the European regulation on AI and existing standards
  • Get to know the concept of conformity assessment based on standards
  • Be able to plan your involvement in the standardization process


  • Overview of AI standardization landscape
    • Overview of AI standards development organizations
    • Overview of topics covered by AI standards
  • Introduction to the AI Act and Standardization Request
    • Overview of legal requirements from the AI Act
    • Need for AI related standards identified in Standardization Request
    • Mapping from standardization requirements to the existing standards and standardization projects
  • Conformity assessment and AI standards: a few examples
    • ISO/IEC 22989:2023 Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Artificial intelligence concepts and terminology
    • prCEN/CLC/TR 17894 Artificial Intelligence Conformity Assessment
    • ISO/IEC 42001:2023 Information Technology - Artificial intelligence - Management system
    • Other relevant standards
  • Standards development process
    • Standards types and development phases
    • How to contribute to or to follow up on standards development in Luxembourg


4 hours


A certificate of participation issued by ILNAS, a recognized training organization, will be provided at the end of the course.

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