Standardization in the ICT sector


The ICT sector has gained more and more importance in society in the last decades, as evidenced for instance by the computerization of equipment in general, the advent of global connectivity, and more recently the emergence of smart paradigms such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We are probably only at the beginning of this evolution, wherein ICT domains fully converge. In this context, technical standardization plays a key role, for example to connect all ICT components, to make them interoperable and prevent vendor lock-in, to support the integration of multiple data sources or to provide the security and safety of the next digital world. This session will allow every participant to understand the standardization process, discover the ICT standardization ecosystem, and identify relevant standards in the domain.


  • Discover the ICT standardization ecosystem
  • Understand the standardization process
  • Identify and use relevant standards supporting participants’ activities
  • Be aware of future standard development in the ICT field


  • Generalities about standardization
    • Definitions
    • Usage and benefits of standards
    • Development process of standards
    • Standardization organizations
  • Standardization in the ICT sector
    • Relevant technical committees
    • Ongoing developments
    • Examples of standards
  • National Standardization efforts
    • How to become a national delegate
    • How to contribute to the standards development process

Targeted audience

Professionals, researchers and students


3 hours


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