Standardization and conformity


Key-element for the national economy, the conformity assessment plays a crucial role during national and international trades. By focusing on the standardization, this training will present the different concepts related to conformity, such as presumption of conformity, conformity assessment and accreditation. At the end of this training, every participant will be able to know the different contributors to the chain of confidence, the related standards and the standardization process.


  • To identity the different elements contributing to the chain of confidence
  • To know the different conformity assessment methods and the main standards
  • To know the concept of presumption of conformity and the role of standards
  • To understand the legal framework of harmonized standards


  • Chain of confidence-building
    • Definitions
    • The main actors
    • The elements of the chain
    • Presumption of conformity
  • Overview of standardization
    • Definitions
    • Usage and benefits of standards
    • Development process of standards
    • Standardization organizations
  • Conformity assessment standards
    • Technical committees
    • ISO CASCO Toolbox standards
    • Other standards supporting accreditation
    • Applicative standards
  • Conformity assessment methods
    • Inspection
    • Certification
    • Testing and calibration (also biological testing)
    • Validation and verification
    • Audit
  • Accreditation (presented by a trainer from OLAS - Office Luxembourgeois d’Accréditation et de Surveillance)
    • National accreditation body’s role
    • The different organizations (EA/ILAC/IAF)
    • Peer evaluation and mutual recognition

Targeted audience

Professionals, distributors and researchers


4 hours


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