Introduction to standardization in space domain


For the last decade, space doors have been widely open to private launchers which allowed new actors to develop new services and applications. Although it brings a lot of benefits for humans in terms of services and opportunities, these facts also bring a bunch of challenges like interoperability and common safe operations. Standardization in this domain is currently on-going, with the purpose to efficiently tackle these constraints. This session will allow every participant to understand the process of standardization, the active technical committees, fora and consortia which are supporting space activities, and to identify the standards which are useful for their application.


  • Be aware of the standardization process
  • Know the main the organization technical committees related to space activities
  • Know how to search standards supporting participants activities
  • Be aware of future standard development in the field of space


  • Generalities about standardization
    • Definitions
    • Usage and benefits of standards
    • Development process of standard
    • Standardization organizations
  • Standardization in space domain
    • Relevant technical committees
    • Fora and consortia
    • On-going development
    • Examples of standards
  • National Standardization efforts
    • How to become a national delegate
    • How to contribute to the standards development process

Targeted audience

Professionals, researchers and students


3 hours


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