Technical standards on Hydrogen technologies


Hydrogen is rapidly growing attention around the world as it can be used as a fuel, a feedstock, an energy carrier, and energy storage as well as many other possible applications across sectors such as industry, transport, power, and buildings. Most significantly it does not emit CO2 and almost zero air pollution when used and offers a concrete solution to decarbonize across the sectors where the reduction of carbon emission is urgent and hard to realize nowadays. In this context, this information session is intended to give an overview about technical standardization supporting the development of hydrogen technology including its usage, and its relation with European and national strategies.


  • Outline the concept of Hydrogen technologies and understand the related challenges
  • Get insights on European and Luxembourgish Hydrogen Strategies
  • Be aware of the ongoing standardization activities related to Hydrogen technologies


  • Background
    • Source of production (e.g. Steam-methane reforming, Electrolysis) and storage
    • Types of hydrogen (e.g. Grey, blue, green)
    • Use of hydrogen
      • Transportation
      • Industries
      • Future-proof integrated energy system
    • The European Hydrogen Strategy (carbon-neutral Europe – a roadmap to 2050)
    • Hydrogen strategy of Luxembourg
  • Technical committees working on Hydrogen technologies and relevant standardization developments
    • ISO/TC 197 – Hydrogen technologies
    • CEN/CLC/JTC 6 – Hydrogen in energy systems
    • CEN/TC 268 –  Cryogenic Vessels
    • CEN/TC 23 –  Transportable Gas cylinders
    • CEN/TC 234 –  Gas Infrastructure
    • Supporting technical committee for hydrogen production
      • ISO/TC 180 –  Solar energy
      • Wind energy-related committees
  • National Standardization efforts
    • How to become a national delegate
    • How to contribute to the standards development process

Targeted audience

Professionals, researchers and students


2 hours


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