National delegate in standardization in Luxembourg


This training is dedicated to the new national delegates in standardization registered in ISO, IEC, CEN or CENELEC technical committees through ILNAS. It will provide all the required information to understand the role of the delegates and the tools at their disposal to participate in technical standardization.


  • Review the standardization process and its stakes
  • Understand the roles and the missions of the national delegates
  • Master the electronic tools and services available to national delegates


  • Overview of standardization
    • Definitions
    • Standardization ecosystem
    • Process of developing a standard
  • Participate in standardization
    • Technical committees
    • Roles and missions
    • Rights and duties
    • Tools and services
  • Use of the electronic tools
  • Exercices

Targeted audience

National delegates in standardization


3 hours


Being registered as a national delegate in standardization via ILNAS.

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